Before you list your home for sale, learn about issues and concerns with the property. A pre-listing inspection is a thorough examination of your home conducted by a professional. Here are four reasons to order a pre-listing home inspection before putting your house on the market.

Reveal Issues in the Home with a Pre-Listing Inspection

If there are significant problems with your home, you’ll want to know about them before you list the property so you can make repairs. Buyers will see you addressed the issues, and they can’t use them as leverage to negotiate a lower price for your home.

In some cases, such as with significant structural damage or water damage, you may need to disclose the problem to potential buyers before they make an offer on your home. By getting an inspection before listing, you avoid unpleasant surprises when prospective buyers order their inspection.

Price the Property Accurately

When setting an asking price, the inspection can give you a better idea of its actual market value by considering its condition. The inspector will look at the roof, windows, and HVAC system and report on the systems and components of the home. They will also point out potential safety hazards or code violations that could affect the property’s value. This information will help you and your agent price your home correctly, saving time as you move through the sales process.

Give Buyers Confidence in Their Purchase

Buyers are often more willing to buy a home with a recent inspection because they know an unbiased professional has looked at the property and found no major problems. If there are minor problems, buyers will feel more confident knowing you disclosed them upfront, and they won’t have surprise repairs after moving in. Sometimes, an inspection report can be helpful as a marketing tool to attract potential buyers who might otherwise overlook your property.

Enjoy a Smooth Transaction With a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

An inspection report helps avoid last-minute delays or derailments in the sale of your home by identifying problems that need to be fixed before going to contract. Because the seller is aware of issues and has time to make repairs, negotiations over the purchase price are more likely to be quick and easy. Overall, having an inspection report ahead of time can help make for a smoother transaction.

A pre-listing home inspection is well worth the money and time – it could even save you both in the long run. Armed with a professional assessment of your property’s condition, you’ll be in a better position to price your home correctly, avoid last-minute hiccups, and confidently move forward with the sale of your property.

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