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Residential Inspection Services

Liberty Inspections takes pride in offering our services to residents of NW Georgia. Whether you want a Buyer’s Inspection or a Home Maintenance service, we’re here to help! Please refer to the bottom of this page for full pricing.

Buyer’s Inspection: Starting at $250

Our Buyer’s Inspection service takes the worry out of purchasing a new home. We’ll thoroughly inspect everything that’s visible and accessible.






Structural System


Roof System


Plumbing System


Electrical System


Heating System


Air Conditioning System


Insulation & Ventilation




Solid Fuel Burning Appliances

Realtor Showing Young Family Around Property For Sale Before Scheduling Home Inspection Services

Pre-Listing / Seller’s Inspection: Starting at $250

Are you ready to list your home for sale? Take the time to have it inspected first! This will tell you what condition the home is in, along with letting you know what needs to be repaired/replaced/disclosed. We’ll perform the same inspection we do for buyers and it’ll give you a clear advantage in the marketplace.

Maintenance being done on a roof before scheduling home inspection services

Home Maintenance Inspection: Starting at $250

Allowing us to conduct regular Home Maintenance Inspections can keep your house in great shape. We’ll check every system in the home and let you know if any are coming up on their end of life. Additionally, we can give you a heads-up if anything is expected to break in the near future.

Remodeled interior seen while preforming home inspection services

Re-Inspection: Starting at $250

Before you finalize the deal, get us to inspect the home one last time. This is a fantastic way to find out if your seller properly took care of your home repair addendum. It also gives us one last chance to look for anything that’s developed in the interim. Don’t get stuck having to pay for repairs that should have been addressed by your seller!

Newly constructed house seen while preforming home inspection services

New Construction: Starting at $250

Buying a newly constructed property is often a dream come true. But what happens if common contractor shortcuts get in the way? Before you move in, schedule a complete New Construction inspection. We’ll find out what areas (if any) weren’t actually completed so that you can get your contractor to remedy them.

Wood beams of a new home being constructed

11-Month / Builder’s Warranty: Starting at $250

When you purchase a newly constructed home, your builder will usually give you a one-year warranty. Schedule Liberty Inspections to take a comprehensive look at your home with our 11-Month/Builder’s Warranty service. We’ll find any areas that are under warranty and need service, which will save you lots of money in the long run.

Commercial Inspection Services

Heavy and Light Commerical Building/Property Inspection

Are you moving into a new commercial property in NW Georgia? We’re here for you! We inspect heavy commercial buildings (warehouses, industrial, etc.) and light commercial buildings (strip malls, storefronts, etc.). Contact us today for more information, including a quote!

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