When it comes to keeping your family and house safe, there are several ways to improve home security without breaking the bank. Protect your property and your loved ones with these tips. 

Improve Home Security for Your Family

Home security is about keeping you, your family, and your property secure from theft. There are numerous ways to boost security, from no-cost options to state-of-the-art surveillance systems.

1. Motion-Sensor Lighting

Motion-detecting lights are one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to improve security outside your home and garage. Install lights above the driveway, on the front porch, and in the backyard. The lights will power on automatically when they sense movement. 

Illuminated spaces give burglars nowhere to hide, and they are more likely to move away from your property, and onto one that’s not well-lit.

2. Replace Deadbolts to Improve Home Security

Deadbolt locks are an inexpensive option that is easy to install or replace. To improve security, make sure your home has a working deadbolt on each exterior door.

If you have sliding glass doors, install a lock on them. If there isn’t a locking mechanism on your sliding doors, consider replacing the doors with a more secure option. In the meantime, use a security bar on the track. 

3. Tech Options

There are several doorbell camera models to choose from, and they all serve the same purpose. The camera sends notifications to your phone, so you can see who is at your door. You’ll be able to access the camera anywhere you have a device connected to the internet. 

Many popular models allow you to see and speak with visitors through a live feed sent to your smartphone or tablet. Doorbell cameras are easy to install and work with an already-existing doorbell. They’re affordable, simple to use, and work well even in low-light conditions. 

4. Neighborhood Watch

A neighborhood watch is a community-based, volunteer crime prevention program. The goal of a neighborhood watch is to make the area safer through increased citizen involvement in the detection and reporting of crime.

Neighborhood watch programs boost security for all residents by informing the community about suspicious activity.

5. Participate in Online Communities

Get involved in your local Nextdoor online community if you haven’t already. These forums tell neighbors about your yard sale, help find a lost pet, and alert people to crime in the area. It’s an excellent way to network with your neighbors and keep each other informed about criminal activity and security. 

Use these tips to boost security and make your house and neighborhood safer.

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